Architectural Drawings

SM1908-P01-Site location map.pdf SM1908-P01-Site location map.pdf (77.59 KB)

SM1908-P02-Site location map.pdf SM1908-P02-Site location map.pdf (343.82 KB)

SM1908-P04-Site plan existing.pdf SM1908-P04-Site plan existing.pdf (2.42 MB)

SM1908-P05-Proposed site plan.pdf SM1908-P05-Proposed site plan.pdf (2.51 MB)

SM1908-P06-Site plan with consented.pdf SM1908-P06-Site plan with consented.pdf (2.5 MB)

SM1908-P07-Existing Afterschool building plan.pdf SM1908-P07-Existing Afterschool building plan.pdf (84.04 KB)

SM1908-P21-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P21-Combined elevations.pdf (2.58 MB)

SM1908-P22-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P22-Combined elevations.pdf (1.75 MB)

SM1908-P23-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P23-Combined elevations.pdf (1.8 MB)

SM1908-P24-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P24-Combined elevations.pdf (2.05 MB)

SM1908-P25-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P25-Combined elevations.pdf (1.2 MB)

SM1908-P40-Site Cross Section.pdf SM1908-P40-Site Cross Section.pdf (751.67 KB)

SM1908-P50-Lower ground floor detail plan.pdf SM1908-P50-Lower ground floor detail plan.pdf (1.2 MB)

SM1908-P51-Ground floor detail plan.pdf SM1908-P51-Ground floor detail plan.pdf (1.55 MB)

SM1908-P55-Typical cluster.pdf SM1908-P55-Typical cluster.pdf (564.03 KB)

SM1908-P60-Bay study 1.pdf SM1908-P60-Bay study 1.pdf (1.26 MB)

SM1908-P70-Ensuite room plan.pdf SM1908-P70-Ensuite room plan.pdf (172.02 KB)

SM1908-P71-Ensuite room elevations.pdf SM1908-P71-Ensuite room elevations.pdf (28.72 KB)

SM1908-P72-Ensuite room illustration 1.pdf SM1908-P72-Ensuite room illustration 1.pdf (2.62 MB)

SM1908-P73-Ensuite room illustration 2.pdf SM1908-P73-Ensuite room illustration 2.pdf (2.89 MB)

SM1908-P74-Disabled room.pdf SM1908-P74-Disabled room.pdf (235.77 KB)

SM1908-P75-L-shape room.pdf SM1908-P75-L-shape room.pdf (174.63 KB)

SM1908-P76-Kitchen plan.pdf SM1908-P76-Kitchen plan.pdf (175.58 KB)

SM1908-P77-Kitchen elevations.pdf SM1908-P77-Kitchen elevations.pdf (148.41 KB)

SM1908-P80-Amenity space ground.pdf SM1908-P80-Amenity space ground.pdf (1.91 MB)

SM1908-P81-Amenity space lower ground.pdf SM1908-P81-Amenity space lower ground.pdf (1.13 MB)

SM1908-P08-Existing Aftershool building elevations.pdf SM1908-P08-Existing Aftershool building elevations.pdf (73.91 KB)

SM1908-P09-Proposed Afterschool building elevations.pdf SM1908-P09-Proposed Afterschool building elevations.pdf (72.48 KB)

SM1908-P10-Lower ground floor.pdf SM1908-P10-Lower ground floor.pdf (1.24 MB)

SM1908-P11-Ground floor.pdf SM1908-P11-Ground floor.pdf (2.29 MB)

SM1908-P12-First floor.pdf SM1908-P12-First floor.pdf (2.23 MB)

SM1908-P13-Second floor.pdf SM1908-P13-Second floor.pdf (2.24 MB)

SM1908-P14-Third floor.pdf SM1908-P14-Third floor.pdf (2.05 MB)

SM1908-P15-Fourth floor.pdf SM1908-P15-Fourth floor.pdf (1.58 MB)

SM1908-P16-Fifth floor.pdf SM1908-P16-Fifth floor.pdf (1.29 MB)

SM1908-P17-Roof plan.pdf SM1908-P17-Roof plan.pdf (723.41 KB)

SM1908-P20-Combined elevations.pdf SM1908-P20-Combined elevations.pdf (1.98 MB)

SM1908-P90-Accommodation schedule.pdf SM1908-P90-Accommodation schedule.pdf (23.75 KB)

SM1908-P91-Gross floor space schedule.pdf SM1908-P91-Gross floor space schedule.pdf (126.46 KB)

SM1908-P92-Main use areas.pdf SM1908-P92-Main use areas.pdf (235.32 KB)